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August 31 2012

July 25 2012


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Just stopped in to see how Soup is doing. I was looking for a free "activity stream" alternative to's one & only "activity stream" theme (P2) which has some big flaws (as usual with all their themes). WP's P2 Theme, from iphone, will not let you access your own FULL SITE, which is totally unacceptable. P2 FORCES you onto the mobile version (DOWN WITH ALL MOBILE VERSION SITES! They are a travesty to internet/iphone users!) P2 also has that "grey shield" that appears when you tap your site (from iphone) which prevents copy/paste from working (from iphone). This is supremely unacceptable!! I need to be able to tap/copy/paste info from my own site!! Unfortunately, does not have sidebars like WP Themes have so I would not be able to use it as a "portal site" for all my blogs. But glad to see Soup is still around. It is cute for what it does offer.

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